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9 March 2022
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Rozz Bar shares how to design a workplace for the new post-Covid landscape – Workplace | Design



2) Facilitating connection, community and communication

Although remote working offers a level of autonomy and empowerment that many people find beneficial, it lacks the element of real-world human interaction – the sense of connection to others – that can be integral to both wellbeing and performance.

For creative work in particular – which thrives on the unplanned interchange of ideas and spontaneous conversation with other people – the ability to work in a shared space is invaluable.

Bureau was always intended to be a place that fostered collaboration across disciplines, but we knew that, when it came to returning to the workplace, the opportunity for connection with others would be one of the biggest incentives for creatives.

We made sure Bureau has spaces for teams to get together, and developed a microstudio layout that recreates the community atmosphere of an art school – private screened-off personal work areas within a larger shared space. In such an environment, conversation is key.


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