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Rifle Paper Co. Just Dropped Their First Furniture Collection


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For those of you who can’t get enough of Rifle Paper Co.’s trendy florals and botanical prints on your stationery, phone covers, headbands, swimwear, and more, you and your home are in for a treat. Rifle Paper Co. just expanded its offerings in the home decor sphere with 15 new furniture silhouettes that can be purchased in one of 12 fabric options.

The collection includes chairs, headboards, beds, room dividers, ottomans, benches, and settees, all available in the fun and vibrant prints Rifle Paper Co. is known for.

All pieces are made to order and are upholstered with a linen/cotton blend, and can be paired and mismatched with Rifle Paper Co.’s rugs, pillows, wallpaper, and other home decor items.

“We have always dreamed of designing a furniture collection and think it is a wonderful way to bring color, art, and beauty to your space,” Rifle Paper Co. co-founder and CCO Anna Bond said in a press release. “Art inspires everything we do as a brand, and I loved the creative challenge of bringing my designs to life across a collection of classic, upholstered furniture. From a greeting card and desk accessories to a bed, sitting chair, or ottoman, we should strive to find items we love and bring us joy in our everyday lives.”

The new furniture pieces are crafted by Chicago-based (and female-led) Cloth & Company, which will ship the pieces to you within four to six weeks after your order is placed. The entire line can be shopped over at Rifle Paper Co.’s website. Pieces start at $345 and are ready to become the centerpiece of your space.

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