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26 February 2022
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26 February 2022

Renovating with Clicwall: fast, smart and strategic | Architecture | Architonic

Colin Dearman and his business partner Klaas Vanlaere turned to interior architect Danny Hoorelbeke of Project Vijf and Marianne Scheyving of mINT Architectuur for the renovation of Hotel Astoria in De Haan. For Danny, Clicwall was a must in order to deliver the project within the tight four-month deadline. ‘Clicwall is unique on the market: this smart system is quick to install, instantly finished and very affordable too.’ Project consultant Ines Goeminne: ‘Clicwall is ideal for renovations, especially if the timing is tight. Thanks to the impact-resistant and low-maintenance melamine top layer, you can start using the wall straight away without any worries.’ And not only is it practical, but it is beautiful too. Ines continues, ‘In the designs – which we develop ourselves – we focus on authenticity. Clicwall has been around for almost a decade, but we continue to invest in making the product even better and more versatile.’ A low-maintenance top layer. The melamine surface is dirt re…

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