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25 February 2022
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Remodelista Reconnaissance: The Secret Behind the Faucets in a Black and White Bath


This week in Remodelista Reconnaissance: a faucet mystery, solved.

A few weeks back, reader Petra wrote in asking about the faucets spotted in the featured photo in Remodeling 101: In Praise of Wall-Mounted Faucets. Our team did some sleuthing; here’s the answer.

The Sighting

the photo in question is of the bear creek bovidae bath in austin, texas, an en 9
Above: The photo in question is of the Bear Creek Bovidae Bath in Austin, Texas, an entrant in our 2017 Considered Design Awards. The faucets didn’t look like anything we’d seen, until we found the original entry. Photograph by Andrea Calo.

The Inspiration

the verdict? they’re chicago faucets that have been stripped. & 10
Above: The verdict? They’re Chicago Faucets that have been stripped. “We followed Emerick Architects’ 2014 winning design idea from Remodelista on how to de-plate the chrome of Chicago Faucets to expose the unlacquered brass,” the Bear Creek Bovidae entrants wrote at the time. Photograph via Emerick Architects.

Pictured is the original inspiration—the de-plated Emerick Architects faucet for a kitchen in Portland, Oregon—in closeup. As the architects described at the time: “Unable to find a budget-friendly, unlacquered brass faucet (who wants to spend $1,500 for a cabin?), we instead found a trusty Chicago faucet design in chrome and then we had the plating removed. The whole thing cost a tenth of the alternative.”

The Source

the chicago faucets 540 series wall mounted bathroom faucet—with its ori 11
Above: The Chicago Faucets 540 Series Wall-Mounted Bathroom Faucet—with its original chrome finish—is $289.53 from Grainger. (We suggest commissioning a professional for the de-plating.)

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