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11 March 2022
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Remodelista Reconnaissance: The Perfect Yellow, Spotted in a Rural Retreat


This week on Remodelista Reconnaissance, we’re answering a question that’s been popping up on Instagram ever since we first featured Inness, a newly opened design-minded retreat in upstate New York. The query: What particular shade of yellow was used in the open shelving in the common dining area?

Reader, look no further.

The Sighting

inness is a design forward retreat on 225 acres in accord, new york, with 28 9
Above Inness is a design forward retreat on 225 acres in Accord New York with 28 cabins a 12 bedroom farmhouse a restaurant swimming pools tennis courts hiking trails an organic farm and farm shop and a spa and wellness center See A Rustic Design Minded Retreat with British Standard Kitchens in Upstate New York for a full tour The most frequently asked question about the project Photograph by Adrian Gaut courtesy of Inness<span id=ezoic pub ad placeholder 868 class=ezoic adpicker ad>

What paint color was used on the Plain English-designed open pantry in the main Farmhouse? We consulted the folks at Inness and at design studio Post Company to find out.

The Source

the answer? the shelves are painted in nicotine, a hue that
Above The answer The shelves are painted in Nicotine a hue thats a collaboration between Plain English and English designer Rita Konig The purveyors describe it as a lived in murky gold that speaks of storied interiors and offers a sunny surprise when used on the interior of a cabinet or hutch say<span id=ezoic pub ad placeholder 869 class=ezoic adpicker ad style=displayblockimportantfloatnoneline height0margin bottom15pximportantmargin left0importantmargin right0importantmargin top15pximportantmax width100importantmin height400pxmin width580pxpadding0text aligncenterimportant>

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