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24 February 2022
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Remodelista Reconnaissance: Reath Design’s Wrap-Around Curtain Rods


In this week’s installment of Remodelista Reconnaissance—in which we sleuth out the source of design details spotted in our posts—we’re tackling one reader’s emailed query: Where to find wrap-around curtain rods like the ones in projects by Reath Design?

Read on.

Photography by Laure Joliet, courtesy of Reath Design.

the wrap around rods, spotted in a bedroom by frances merrill of reath design.  9
Above: The wrap-around rods, spotted in a bedroom by Frances Merrill of Reath Design. (See LA Autumnal: A 1920s House Makeover Composed in Jewel Tones.)
and in a reading nook in the same project. 10
Above: And in a reading nook in the same project.
and in a dining area. 11
Above: And in a dining area.
the rods reath uses, they say, are custom made. luckily, parachute offers a sim 12
Above: The rods Reath uses, they say, are custom-made. Luckily, Parachute offers a similar version: the matte black Curtain Rod ($79, shown). CB2’s Matte Black Blackout Curtain Rod ($79.95) is another similar find. 

A bonus? The wrap-around effect not only looks streamlined, it keeps windows fully covered for maximum light blocking, too.

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