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Queer Eye’s Bobby Berk Has Designed a New Outdoor Dining Collection With Outer

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Outdoor entertaining season is upon us, and I for one have been dreaming about a dinner party under the stars for the better part of a year. I’m talking a glowing-bistro-lights, family-style-eats, Nancy Meyers type of dinner party. The only problem? I will have absolutely zero places to seat my guests.

You see, durable (and stylish) outdoor dining sets are kind of hard to come by. I live in New York, so I need something that’s easy to store for the winter season or a design that can hold its own against the elements (or both, honestly). I’ve long been a fan of Outer’s attention to detail and quality, and when they launched their aluminum seating collection earlier this year, I thought to myself, “Hmm, if only that came as a dining table.” Well, here we are — I’m pretty sure they read my mind.

For those not in the know, Outer is an AAPI-founded brand that focuses on creating durable, sustainable, and design-forward pieces that elevate even the most average backyard space into something that’s truly resort-worthy. Many of their collections launch to rabid fanfare, often selling out within 48 hours, and I’m positive their latest (and first!) dining collection will be no different. The best part? It’s designed in collaboration with one of our favorite pros, designer Bobby Berk from “Queer Eye.”

Bobby worked with Outer to design a versatile dining collection that is just as beautiful as anything made for indoors, but the pieces are able to hold their own against rain, sun, and more, all with Outer’s signature stylish flair, of course. The collab is centered on two of the most durable materials out there — teak and aluminum — and boasts super-smart features that add to its durability and flexibility. Let’s dive into the details, shall we?

The collection touts two nearly identical teak and aluminum dining tables: one sized for six people and the other with hidden leaves that allows it to fit up to twelve dinners. The black metal framing is made from 100 percent recyclable powder-coated aluminum that is temperature controlled to deflect sunlight and stay cool under even the hottest conditions. The teak is sourced from FSC certified fields in Central Java, where three the company plants three trees for each one harvested. Each table comes with the brand’s waterproof OuterShell cover that spreads easily overtop and saves you from one of the most annoying aspects of outdoor dining: dirty elbows and hands from grody tables (thank you, Outer!).

And because what good is a table without chairs, Outer’s new director-style dining chairs are the perfect complement. Each one is made from teak and metal and covered with durable all-weather fabric that repels water, resists mildew, and stands up to the sun, heat, and rain without fading. You can buy the chairs as a duo or as a set of six alongside a dining table for a $750 discount (nice!). One thing’s for sure: You’re going to want to move fast on this stylish collection, because if Outer’s previous launches are any indication, this outdoor dining set won’t be in stock for long.

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