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Puebco: Utilitarian Essentials Made from Ingeniously Reused Materials


Recently, I stumbled on a waxed cotton grocery bag so uncommonly good-looking I suspect it would help even the most forgetful shoppers among us to remember our reusable bags.

The bag is by Japanese brand Puebco, and eco-consciousness is part and parcel of the company’s ethos: They’re focused on “creating things instinctively,” as they say, crafting a wide array of utilitarian essentials for all over the house using found and recycled materials, from parachutes and tents to old woolen trousers.

Since Julie catalogued a few of Puebco’s standout offerings in 2017 (see Utilitarian Goods from Japan, Reclaimed and Recycled Edition), we figured it was time for a sequel. Here are a few of our favorite Puebco finds spotted around the Internet (and much more available straight from Puebco).

puebco’s waxed cotton reusable grocery bags with handles are availa 9
Above: Puebco’s Waxed Cotton Reusable Grocery Bags With Handles are available via Urban Outfitters; $22 for the small size and $30 for the large.
the standard 10 ounce mugs have stamped on care instructions in lieu of design 10
Above: The Standard 10-Ounce Mugs have stamped-on care instructions in lieu of design; $14 from Burke Decor.
i’m intrigued by the recycled tent fabric pet bed, made from, yes,  11
Above: I’m intrigued by the Recycled Tent Fabric Pet Bed, made from, yes, reused tents. It’s $70 for the small size from Goodhood.
Above: The cast iron Tape Dispenser would be an upgrade for any home office; it’s $45 via Goodhood.
puebco’s workhorse black step trash can is made of steel; 0 fr 14
Above: Puebco’s workhorse Black Step Trash Can is made of steel; $180 from Burke Decor.
all purpose japanese hand brooms are  each from marie kondo’s k 15
Above: All-purpose Japanese Hand Brooms are $48 each from Marie Kondo’s KonMari shop.
the waxed cotton grocery bag (sans handles) is  from boston general store. 16
Above: The Waxed Cotton Grocery Bag (sans handles) is $16 from Boston General Store.
Above: Among the more ingenious transformations: Vintage Parachute Tissue Covers, $18 each via Burke Decor.
puebco also repurposes woolen pants into new offerings. the result: their vinta 19
Above: Puebco also repurposes woolen pants into new offerings. The result: their Vintage Wool Trousers Aprons, shown in “greenish” hues; $32 from Burke Decor.

For more on Puebco, see Object of Desire: The Puebco Water Dispenser from Japan.


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