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29 November 2022
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29 November 2022

Project solutions for planners and architects


Pre-assembled washstand solutions with plenty of flexibility and freedom in planning – this is the basis of Alape’s Work.Frameˣ for the high-end project business. The basic principle of a frame and a wide selection of different countertops and basins offers a wide range of design options. Adaptations in terms of colours, surfaces and even design allow individual solutions to be developed, which can be integrated into the design of the respective building projects. The basis of the programme is the sophisticated frame that is available in widths ranging from 600 to 1200mm. Work.Frameˣ offers a wide range of environmentally friendly Neolith countertops. The hygienic and sustainable natural stone is robust and impresses with its visual diversity. The programme is complemented by a wide range of sit-on basins made of glazed steel that are only a few millimetres thick. Further adaptations can also be made based on the basic principle of the Work.Frameˣ solutions. 


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