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11 April 2022
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11 April 2022

Paris-inspired linen fabric and wallpaper by Wayne Pate from Studio Four NYC

Artist Wayne Pate and his family had plans to relocate from NYC for New Zealand, where his wife, fashion designer Rebecca Taylor, is from. But before making that leap, the couple and their three kids spent a year living in Paris, starting in the summer of 2018. It was a heady, productive time for Wayne, who filled his sketchbooks—and delighted his fans on Instagram (@waynepate)—with his outpouring.

Stacy Waggoner, owner of Studio Four NYC, was a follower of Wayne’s who saw an opportunity. Having worked with him on his first collection of fabric and wallpapers—see Bloomsbury in Brooklyn—she proposed a new collaboration. The result is Paris Elemental, fabric and wallpaper designs from Wayne’s French sabbatical, available directly from Studio Four NYC. Come see.

Photography courtesy of Studio Four NYC, unless noted.

the 10 paris elemental patterns debuted this past march as chair covers at
Above: The 10 Paris Elemental patterns debuted this past March as chair covers at  La Palette in Paris’s 6ème, as part of Dèco Off, an annual design show that takes place on the streets of the city. The showcase was supposed to be temporary, but the patterns were such a hit that the bistro has kept them in place.
Above: Wayne’s painting of a scene from the bistro.
a portrait of the artist by his wife, rebecca taylor. 11
Above: A portrait of the artist by his wife, Rebecca Taylor.

Paris Elemental Fabric and Wallpaper

the patterns all began as paintings and many reference the school of paris: col 12
Above: The patterns all began as paintings and many reference the School of Paris: Colonnes linen, shown here, calls to mind Brancusi’s Endless Column. Like all of the designs in the new collection, it’s available as both fabric and wallpaper.
constantin wallpaper in verde. each pattern is available in three or four color 13
Above: Constantin wallpaper in Verde. Each pattern is available in three or four color combinations. See the website for pricing.
vessels fabric in plaster. all of the textiles designs are on 54 inch width, he 14
Above: Vessels fabric in Plaster. All of the textiles designs are on 54-inch-width, heavyweight Belgian linen printed in the US.
assemblage is a 27 inch wide grasscloth wallpaper,
Above: Assemblage is a 27-inch-wide grasscloth wallpaper, “non-woven fiber paper” printed in the US.
petite jaipur linen in malachite. 16
Above: Petite Jaipur linen in Malachite.
jaipur is printed in the us on clay coated paper. 17
Above: Jaipur is printed in the US on clay-coated paper.
saint denis linen in jonquil. 18
Above: Saint Denis linen in Jonquil.
saint martin linen and saint martin grasscloth, both in cobalt. 19
Above: Saint Martin linen and Saint Martin grasscloth, both in Cobalt.

We’ve been fans of Wayne’s for years. Here’s our Steal This Look on his Brooklyn office from 2010. Also take a look at:

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