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Office Relocation Can Transform Your Business


Company growth

Outgrowing an office is one of the most common reasons for relocating an office. As your business begins to grow and you hire more staff, there is a bigger requirement for space. Not only do you need more space for workstations but you may also need more meeting rooms or a larger breakout space to allow your people to work effectively. Plus, if you are planning to continue growing then a new, fully equipped office may be the decisive factor in talent attraction and retention.

Implement new ways of working

If you decide to refresh your ways of working in your business, the office you’re currently in simply may not allow you to do this type of work effectively. By moving to smaller or larger office space, it means that the new space will be purposefully designed to accommodate working models such as hybrid working which may also provide you with cost savings on rent.

Saving money

With many businesses moving to hybrid working arrangements, there will be businesses which now occupy more space than they need. Having more space than you need is going to cost you money so relocating your office into a smaller space is a logical move. Even if you don’t intend to change your way of working, a smaller office space will also help save on heating and electricity consumption.

Investing in Employee Experience

There has been a sizeable shift towards improving employee experience amidst increased remote and hybrid working. While some companies have opted to save money by downsizing their space, organisations are also upgrading their space by relocating to Grade A office space.

This move to Grade A office space is driven by the desire to occupy more sustainable buildings with improved amenities, such as gyms and green spaces, enhancing the overall employee experience. The office design is still an important factor as staff need to feel the benefit of working in the office but moving to newer properties is a good way for companies to elevate their offering to staff and attract them back into the office.


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