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21 April 2022
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21 April 2022

Object of Desire: Two-Tone Enamelware from Toast


For spring’s first picnics and dinners outdoors, I’m eyeing two-tone enamelware from UK outfit Toast. Take a look:

enamel dishes are available in three sizes: small (£20), medium (£2 9
Above Enamel dishes are available in three sizes small £20 medium £2250 and large £25 The rather verdant colorway is called cream and leaf<span id=ezoic pub ad placeholder 868 class=ezoic adpicker ad>
the enamel mug (£10.50), enamel bowl (£10.50), and enamel plate (
Above The Enamel Mug £1050 Enamel Bowl £1050 and Enamel Plate £1350 The full collection is dishwasher safe Toast also notes If you drop enamelware it may chip but it wont break If the outer porcelain layer chips the steel beneath it naturally oxidizes and the enamelware remains safe to use<span id=ezoic pub ad placeholder 869 class=ezoic adpicker ad style=displayblockimportantfloatnoneline height0margin bottom15pximportantmargin left0importantmargin right0importantmargin top15pximportantmax width100importantmin height400pxmin width580pxpadding0text aligncenterimportant>

the collection makes for springy (and shatter proof) serveware. 11
Above The collection makes for springy and shatter proof serveware

For more tableware, might we suggest:


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