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Navigating Change to Work and Workplace

  • Now

    Many businesses have now communicated their stance on how and where they expect their people to work. While some are still exclusively home working, more people are now expected to work from the office one or two days per week. As more people become vaccinated and government guidance continues to relax, there will be greater clarity on COVID-19 procedures in the workplace.

    How can we help?

    We can help you prepare for your return to the office by conducting workplace risk assessments and space evaluations with suggested modifications. As more information has become available, we are able to discuss our own research and findings that will help to communicate the options in the market that are available to you.

  • Transition

    As employees are slowly reintegrated into the workplace, companies will begin to use their office space. Layouts will need to be adapted and workspace redesigned to provide a safe and functional working environment. With an increased dependency on technology like video calls, businesses will need more flexible spaces to accommodate staff.

    How can we help?

    We can help you manage the transition back to the office by updating your current workspace to reflect your desired health and safety standards and support the link between home and office-based workers. It is likely that headcount will fluctuate more regularly on a day-to-day basis so there will be options to reconfigure spaces to aid a more gradual return to the office.

  • Future

    The future will reveal the redefinition of office space. Post-pandemic workspace will see a greater focus on health and wellbeing and increased dependency on technology. While there is a desire for more flexible space, it is also important to consider social spaces that enable people to embrace the communal aspects of the workplace.

    How can we help?

    We can help you prepare for the future with the optimisation and rationalisation of your existing office space. As your business evolves, your workplace will too. Our cost-effective office fit out and refurbishment services deliver tailored working environments built around your people, your goals, and your way of working.

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