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Missana introduces PerezOchando’s high-backed Ara sofa – Workplace | Design


The Ara sofa, designed by PerezOchando for Missana, provides a quieter environment for staff and visitors

Designed by Valencia-based design studio PerezOchando for Spanish furniture brand Missana, the Ara sofa is more than just another high-back seating solution.

Created for the office of tomorrow, and available in a range of colours and finishes, this plush sofa provides style, privacy and comfort, making it ideal for open-plan offices, co-working spaces and other work environments.

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Providing a semi-private setting for focused work in fast-paced offices or a place for informal collaborative meetings, the Ara sofa adds a new level of comfort and style to office and breakout seating, offering a quiet place for employees to sit, relax and work.

Images courtesy of Missana

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