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25 August 2022
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MHZ lets in the light | News | Architonic


There are not many decisions that can be as formative for a building as those concerning sun shading. Why? Because these elements are located precisely at the interface between inside and outside: They become surfaces that shape the façade in a similarly striking way as the rooms inside. One could tell the story of architecture by looking at ever-larger glass surfaces – Mies van der Rohe was undoubtedly a pioneer with his Barcelona Pavilion, the Villa Tugendhat or his Farnsworth House. But large glass surfaces also create challenges: for aspects such as glare protection and heat generation, solutions must be found that fit the aesthetics of a building. The manufacturer <a href="https://www.architonic.com/en/microsite/mhz-hachtel/3101016">MHZ</a> has dedicated itself to precisely such solutions and has long been appreciated by international architects and interior designers for its formally restrained and technically sophisticated <a href="https://www.architonic.com/en/products/integrat…


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