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9 April 2022
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9 April 2022

Mattel Adds a Sustainable Spin to Playtime with its New MEGA Bloks Range


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Earth Month is in full swing, and Mattel is adding a sustainable spin to its MEGA Bloks range. MEGA Bloks Green Town, the first-ever toy line available at mass retail to be certified Carbon Neutral by Natural Capital Partners, is introducing four new building sets to help little builders learn about how we can live a greener lifestyle.

According to Mattel, each playset is made from “a minimum of 56% plant-based materials and a minimum of 26% International Sustainability & Carbon Certification (ISCC) certified bio-circular plastics (mass balance approach). The new range is another step towards the company’s commitment to sustainability.

“At Mattel, we are focused on developing innovative products and packaging that are better for our planet by integrating more sustainable materials and principles of product stewardship and circular design,” said Pamela Gill-Alabaster, Head of Global Sustainability at Mattel, in a press release announcing the new range. “These new products from MEGA and Matchbox demonstrate our commitment to our 2030 goal to achieve 100% recycled, recyclable or bio-based plastic materials in all our products and packaging and to create a more sustainable future for the next generation.”

Partnering with Tesla, Matchbox has released the Tesla Roadster, a die-cast vehicle made of 99% recycled materials. Additionally, MEGA Bloks and Matchbox are also part of the Mattel PlayBack scheme, giving unused and unwanted toys a new lease of life.

Mattel’s commitment to teaching kids about sustainability doesn’t just stop at its MEGA Bloks Green Town range. The company has also created a series of cartoons aimed at young viewers to help develop their awareness and creativity. Not only does the Recycling Song showcase the Green Towns products, it also features some catchy lyrics that you may find yourself singing along to in no time.

All together now: “we’re looking after our planet, we’re looking after our home…”


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