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Lore Group creates seafood restaurant with "playful sense of nostalgia" within One Hundred Shoreditch hotel

Goddard and Gibbs sculpture

Hospitality chain Lore Group has opened the Goddard & Gibbs seafood restaurant within the One Hundred Shoreditch hotel, which occupies the former Ace Hotel London Shoreditch building.

Lore Group’s creative director Jacu Strauss designed the restaurant within the recently opened hotel on Shoreditch High Street, London, to evoke the seaside to be in keeping with its seafood menu.

Yellow rock sculpture in Goddard and Gibbs
A yellow rock sculpture and sandy artworks give the restaurant a beachy feel

A gigantic yellow sculpture, created from a sketch drawn by Strauss, stands on a table at the centre of the restaurant.

“The sculpture is based on my memories of trips to the seaside as a child and making towers from piles of rocks on the beach,” Strauss said.

“I wanted the space to have a playful sense of nostalgia to which our guests could relate.”

Yellow rock sculture in One Hundred Shoreditch
The central sculpture is based on the designer’s childhood trips to the seaside

Continuing the theme, wood-panelled walls of the restaurant were adorned with “sandscape” artworks made from sand that have been painted yellow and framed.

Parasol-like pendant lights from Herman Miller hang from the ceiling, alongside pearly spherical bulbs.

Bar in Goddard and Gibbs restaurant
Angled mirrors run the perimeter of the restaurant

Angled mirrors around the top of the wall panelling direct attention back onto the central sculpture.

Another bright yellow boulder is stationed in the corner of the room, while seaweed-green banquettes are interspersed among the seating.

Wood panelling and banquette
The walls are clad in a strip-textured wood panelling

The tabletops are fashioned from black and white aggregate terrazzo, with hexagonal tiles making up the floor.

At the entrance to the restaurant from the street, what was formerly a flower shop has been converted into a wine bar characterised by terracotta tiles.

Terracotta tiles wine bar
A wine bar area has been set up in the street entrance

The restaurant’s dishes are intended to reference the fishing villages and seaside towns of the British coastline, with a focus on ethically sourced ingredients.

Goddard & Gibbs opened last week as part of the One Hundred Shoreditch hotel.

Terrazzo table tops
Terrazzo table tops are used throughout the restaurant

One Hundred Shoreditch occupies the same building as Ace Hotel’s London outpost, which closed in 2020 having been initially shuttered as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

Lore Group also operates Sea Containers, a hotel on London’s Southbank with interiors designed by Tom Dixon, as well as the Pulitzer in Amsterdam and the Riggs and Lyle hotels, both in Washington DC.

With One Hundred Shoreditch it hopes to mirror Shoreditch’s “new, grown-up feel while retaining the buzz and vibrance synonymous with the area”.

Restaurant tables in One Hundred Shoreditch
Lore Group has opened the restaurant as part of its new One Hundred Shoreditch hotel

Other recently opened hotels in London include Buckle Street Studios, designed by Grzywinksi+Pons and a Room2 outpost in Chiswick designed by Project Orange, which is claimed to be the world’s first whole-life net-zero hotel.

The images are courtesy of One Hundred Shoreditch.

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