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Lincrusta: a sense of history | News | Architonic


<a href="">Lincrusta</a>, the 145-year-old embossed wall covering brand, is attracting fresh interest in this new age of tactility. Based around a product invention that transformed the decoration of stately houses and institutions, the flexible textural panels were the brainwave of Frederick Walton, who had previously invented Linoleum. It is made, today as then, from linseed oil, mixed to a paste and pressed between steel rollers, one side of which carries an embossing pattern.

The invention was originally hailed for its ability to replace more time-consuming, less hardy and expensive relief made through plaster moulding. Originally named Linoleum Muralis, the brand Walton founded in Sunbury-on-Thames in 1877 to produce the covering, had opened a factory in France by 1880 and in Connecticut, USA, by 1883. It lined walls in palaces, in the White House and on the Titanic and has featured in films such as the 2012 version of An…


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