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3 June 2023
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7 June 2023

Like being at home in front of the fireplace: Brunner’s oval lounge system


Oval also helps to provide an answer to the question of whether employees will still go to the office at all in future. For Jehs, at any rate, New Work does not take place at home, but in new working environments: ‘People are social beings – they need exchange. And if people don’t go to the company, the company culture will eventually disappear. It is important that people come together: big decisions and major innovations don’t happen in Zoom conferences. They happen in the corridors, on the balcony, sometimes in the smoking area.’ This is also the opinion of Philip Brunner, one of Brunner’s managing directors: ‘We see a lot of potential in these interfaces and transitions. That’s why we wanted to bring a series to the market with which these zones can be furnished attractively, comfortably, functionally and flexibly.’


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