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Kim Kardashian Shows Off Even More of Her Minimalist Home in New Video


It’s been two years since Kim Kardashian and her then-husband Kanye West opened the doors of their Axel Vervoordt and Claudio Silvestrin-designed estate to AD, but even with that tour and all of the influencer’s social media documentation, there’s still plenty of the labyrinthine property that’s unknown to the outside world. In a new Vogue video, the entrepreneur shares never before seen parts of the home where she lives with her four children.

Anyone who’s ever seen even a single photo of the pad is familiar with its total and complete embrace of minimalism—everything in the space is cream colored. But the video centers on the personal effects that make Kardashian’s house a home. This includes oddities like a bag of her own hair that her father cut off in 1988, along with more predictable objects, like baby books and the paintings her daughter North made for her. “Shockingly, four kids [haven’t] messed up my cream house,” Kardashian tells the camera, explaining later that the kids’ rooms are pink, purple, blue, and dinosaur themed so that each tot can express their own style in their individual spaces.

The newly revealed rooms are furnished quite similarly to what has already been seen. The primary suite’s sitting room, where Kardashian shows off her sentimental treasures, features a Jean Royère polar bear sofa just like the one in the living room, along with two polar bear chairs. Hung above the sitting room’s fireplace is a simple yet stunning Lucio Fontana slash painting, presumably the one she named the best gift she was ever given to E! News.

The home features two full-sized kitchens, a “family kitchen” and a “show kitchen,” though only the former is shown in the video. It contains numerous Pierre Jeanneret Chandigarh chairs, around both a kitchen table and a built-in breakfast nook. Next to the kitchen is a family room with exposed beams and what seems to be the only dark wall in the house—presumably a floor to ceiling TV screen—in front of a shockingly large semicircle sectional.

Outdoors, Kardashian shows off the all-black foam basketball court that sits in between a vegetable garden the family tends to and the large home gym. Lastly, Kardashian makes her commitment to simplicity abundantly clear by demonstrating that it goes beyond the property itself: her three favorite cars—a Lamborghini Urus, a Rolls Royce, and a Maybach Sedan, to be specific—are painted all gray, including the hood ornaments.


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