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Kendall Jenner’s 818 Tequila Bricks Program Is Helping to Build Up Mexican Communities


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When you think about sustainability and doing your part to help the Earth, the first things that come to mind may include reducing your plastic usage and shopping second hand. But did you know that your alcoholic beverage of choice may also be a planet-friendly pick?

818 Tequila is continuing its efforts to become a certified B Corp company by partnering up with S.A.C.R.E.D (Saving Agave for Culture, Recreation, Education and Development) to support agave-producing communities in Mexico.

The award-winning tequila brand, which was founded by Kendall Jenner in 2021, is working alongside S.A.C.R.E.D to transform wasteful agave byproducts into adobe bricks that are used to build up the local Mexican community. The 818 Bricks Program, which is currently building 1,000 bricks per week, is currently in the process of building a library in Zapotitlán that will also serve as supplemental classroom space.

“As we continue our mission to find actionable ways to support Amatitán and the broader Mexican community where our tequila is produced, we’re honored to work with SACRED, who has established tremendous relationships with the people producing heritage spirits in the region for generations,” said Mike Novy, 818 Tequila president and COO, in a press release announcing the initial collaboration. “At 818 Tequila, we want to create a new standard for sustainability while also giving back to those who are so integral to our tequila-making process. Establishing a long-term partnership with Lou and his team at SACRED to expand upon the incredible work they’ve already done in Mexico really drives our mission.”

In addition to the library, other projects include a distillery in southern Jalisco and a “Plaza de la Comunidad” — a gathering space for religious festivals and sports activities.

818 Tequila holds sustainability as one of its core values, working exclusively with a distillery that runs on biomass and solar power, in turn reducing the brand’s carbon footprint. All packaging is 100% eco-friendly, from the glass bottles right down to the corks and labels. The brand is committed to giving back, and donates 1% of each sale to environmental non-profit partners who share the same earth-forward philosophies.


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