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5 March 2022
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5 March 2022

Keep Track Of Your Frank Lloyd Wright Travels


If your “to-visit” list has more than a few Frank Lloyd Wright builds on it, then you may be a megafan — and Wright megafans should definitely keep this travel notebook in their back pocket at all times. 

Called the Wright Passport, this travel companion helps you keep track of all the Wright establishments you’ve been to and help you recall details of your trip so you can relive the moment when you’re back at home.

The Wright Passport is designed to help FLW fans record, remember, and deepen their experiences of Wright’s world-renown architecture. Its prompts encourage users to collect inspiration, uncover themes in Wright’s work, and discover new sites you may not have on your radar already.

There are 21 entry pages that users can fill out with details, photos, sketches, etc. Prompts ask you to describe the setting (rural or urban?), the season you visited, the year the building was constructed, and in what famous Wright style (Usonian, Prairie, Textile Block, etc.).

And in the back, you can skim through the 50+ Frank Lloyd Wright buildings in the U.S. that are open to the public. Use this list to build your Wright Passport bucket list and pen your most memorable moments from your best trips in the “Favorite Experiences” section.

Equipped with the right tool to take expert field notes, go forth and discover all the architectural goodness Frank Lloyd Wright buildings have to offer.

Olivia Harvey


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