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I Tried the Wooj 3D Printed Lamp — and I’m Obsessed


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About two years ago, I came upon Brooklyn-based brand Wooj, a purveyor of 3D printed home goods. The idea of functional home decor that’s sustainable, waste free, and essentially printed out of thin air excited me, but it wasn’t until I got to try the Wooj Wavy Lamp that I realized the true value of 3D printed products. Usually, the consequences of producing anything this intricately designed and sharply carved are large amounts of wasted or “unusable” material. With Wooj and 3D printing in general, the final product is manufactured on demand from a digital design rather than crafted from existing materials.

The Wooj lamp is crafted from heat-resistant, corn-based plastic (PLA) and made to order, so you can expect a production timeline of about two weeks from order to delivery. The aesthetic is quite unique but suits a range of decor schemes, from modern to vintage, minimalist to eclectic. Since there are five different base colors to choose from, you really can find the exact right fit for your space — or possibly grab one for every room. And if this seems like a rather expensive venture, keep in mind the eco-friendly production process and sustainability of the Wooj lamp, as well as the small scale of the brand and the build-to-last design. In the end, we find the cost totally justifiable.

The Wooj Wavy Lamp is now one of my most prized possessions. It appears delicate, almost as though it’s carved from opaque glass, but it’s deceptively sturdy. Not only does it represent the future of product production and industrial design, but it looks so good in my space. It’s by far the most commented-on piece in my home and becomes a topic of conversation when a new guest spots it. The Wavy Lamp comes with an energy-conserving LED light bulb, but since the sizing is standard, I’m able to change the bulb as often as I do my decor… or my mood. I can’t recommend Wooj as a brand highly enough, but the Wavy Lamp is certainly my (and my guests’) personal favorite in the brand’s growing collection of 3D printed functional decor.


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