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I Tried Mosquito Repellent Coils from Amazon — Here’s How It Went


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The W4W Coils come in a pack of twelve, along with six little coil stands. They arrive flat like disks — all you do is pop one into its coil shape, place it on a stand, and light the outermost tip of the coil with a lighter or match. The coils are coated with an essential oil blend that includes rosemary, peppermint, citronella, lemongrass, and cedar. It’s an energizing aromatic experience for me and everyone I’ve tried them with, but a nightmare for mosquitos. Think outdoor incense… with a vengeance. The spiral shape of the W4W Coils allows them to burn for four to six hours longer than your average incense stick, giving me up to seven blissful hours of bite-free time spent outdoors.

The gentle smoke given off by the sawdust and chlorophyll is what really sets these coils up for success when it comes to repelling bugs more effectively than any sprays or candles I’ve tried before. Luckily, especially for those who don’t particularly enjoy incense, the smoke the coils give off is soft and barely even noticeable since they’re used outdoors.

Since discovering the W4W Coils, I knew I was going to need to stock up in preparation for the season this year. For $12, I got nearly eight-five hours worth of non-stop mosquito protection for myself and every host who invites me to their backyard BBQ. The price, effectiveness, appearance, scent, and overall experience of these mosquito repellent coils is impressing me for a second year in a row. I cannot recommend them enough.


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