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24 February 2022
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24 February 2022

I Tried Hemp Sheets for the First Time — Avocado Green’s Organic Hemp Sheet Set


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Up until this year, I’d made some pretty tragic assumptions about hemp sheets. I thought, they would be scratchy (especially if organic), sheer, and basically the bedding equivalent of recycled cardboard. Harsh, I know, but now I realize that this myth is totally untrue. Avocado Green’s Organic Hemp Sheets have guided me to the light that is (quality) hemp bedding — and now it’s all I want to sleep in.

Hemp sheets have a texture similar to linen, with a visible weave and a good amount of texture to the touch. They get softer with each wash, but this set by Best List-winning mattress brand Avocado Green arrived soft from the get-go (despite its lack of chemical softening). After I did wash them, I swiftly yanked off the sheets that were on my bed and replaced them with Avocado Green’s hemp set right away. They were irresistibly weighty, soft, and beautiful. At that moment, the price tag began to justify itself.

As it turns out, hemp doesn’t require herbicides or pesticides to grow, and with roots that can grow as deep as nine feet, it’s also a regenerative plant. Translation: It returns 60 to 70 percent of the nutrients it collects and creates back to the soil. For these reasons, hemp bedding has garnered recognition as a sustainable, economic, and ecologically friendly solution to many of the potential issues posed by inorganic textile production. Hemp farms are also effective carbon sinks, “sequestering the climate-change-causing gas at twice the clip of forests” to boot.

Specs aside, it wasn’t until after I spent a week sleeping on these sheets that I realized hemp was the material I’ve been needing for a long time. I abhor being cold, so I prefer to tuck myself into about 17 layers of bedding each night. I also much prefer textured sheets like linen or flannel to percale or sateen. These hemp sheets are robust and weighty — almost like linen sheets that were made for winter. The top sheet falls like a cloak over your curves, essentially tucking you in. The sheets drape beautifully and comfortably, making an unmade bed look nearly as intentional as a made one.

At $399, these sheets are definitely an investment, but after one month of restful, temperature-regulated sleep, I fully believe that they’re worth the price. I’ve been recommending them to anyone who will listen! Finding a set of sheets that allows me to layer on the covers without being drenched in sweat by midnight hasn’t been easy, but Avocado Green has helped me finally conclude my search. Hemp sheets are the way to go for every season, almost every sleeper, and any kind of decor.

Buy: Avocado Green Hemp Sheet Set, $399


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