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I Tried Editions Custom-Framed Artwork — and I’m Never Going Back


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Growing up in a family of artists (I even studied visual art in college), I like to think that I have discerning tastes — and I believe less is more when it comes to hanging art around the house. Adhering to my philosophy means that the pieces I do choose to display are highly curated, especially because every trip to the frame shop (two per frame) has been a pain. Schlepping the piece into the car, transporting it carefully so as not to incur any damage, and arriving at the framer only to dole out hundreds of dollars on a custom frame… no fun at all.     

So, during my most recent bout of spring cleaning/rearranging, I was looking for a way to redecorate without breaking the bank (or my back) and stumbled across Sonic Editions, a ready-to-ship framed-print retailer with literally hundreds of photographs to choose from. Scrolling through their many categories of music-related photography, car images, travel photos, and fashion photos was overwhelming — mostly because of how many pieces I wanted to add to my cart. 

I settled on “35th Paris Motor Show,” a car print with lots of movement, subdued colors, and natural symmetry. Like all their prints, mine is limited edition — there are only 500 up for grabs, and there’s even a certified print number on the back. (Five-hundred is the maximum run for any print, but many have even fewer available.) Images are sourced from archives and personal collections of some of the world’s most renowned photographers, and Sonic Editions continues to partner with contemporary artists to drop new exclusive series.

Prints are available in three sizes; I choose 16” x 16”. For under $300, I was getting limited-edition artwork in a handmade solid wood frame, mounted and ready to hang. That’s a steal for the photograph and the frame, not to mention much more convenient than trips back and forth to the frame shop!

My print arrived within two weeks. As I unraveled the bubble wrap, I was impressed. The photograph came printed on uber-high-quality Fuji Crystal Archive paper and mounted in acid-free mounts, which means this print is never going to fade or discolor. Truthfully, my Sonic Editions print looks better than my custom-framed art! My photo is mounted with precision in its black frame, but you can also opt for white or order your print mounted on a rigid backing if you already have a frame in mind. I really suggest going the ready-to-hang route, though. Not only does the frame itself feel sturdy and look impeccable, the detailing of the paper backing and mounting hardware is truly professional-grade.


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