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14 April 2022
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14 April 2022

I Tried Coyuchi’s Mediterranean Organic Bath Towels and I Love Them


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Growing up, one of my unsolicited family nicknames was Little Big Hair. Yup, I was a small thing with a lot going on in the hair department. Stylists have always told me how “beauuuutiful” my hair is and how I am “sooo lucky” to have such thick, curly locks, but to me, it has always felt like the exact opposite. While my straight-haired friends could hop out of the shower and be ready to leave the house minutes later looking flawless, I had an ever-evolving multi-step routine that took nearly an hour. Over the years, I’ve tried endless towels, hair wraps, headbands, gels, creams, serums, leave-in conditioners… yeah, I’m an expert in all things hair products. That’s why you can trust me when I tell you that Coyuchi’s Mediterranean Organic Bath Towel is the best hair towel I’ve ever used.

Of all the post-shower hair towels I’ve tried, I’ve never found anything that quite fits my needs like this Coyuchi gem. Ultra-absorbent plush towels get my hair dry, but they’re bulky and heavy when wet. Thinner Turkish towels are easier to manage but get saturated in seconds, and waffle towels are no match for this mane — with the amount of water my hair holds, they stretch out to twice their size and never really go back to normal.

Coyuchi’s Mediterranean Bath Towels combine the strength and absorbability of plush towels with the manageability of thinner ones. They’re similar to Turkish bath towels, but the high/low weave provides superior absorption. I wrap one around my head turban-style when I get out of the shower, and I don’t feel like my neck muscles have to work overtime to support a big, weighty towel. The tight weave grabs my hair and seems to suck the water right out of it without making the towel sopping wet. And since they’re not at all plush (in a good way!), they dry way quicker than traditional bath towels. I don’t have much ventilation in my bathroom, and I absolutely hate it when I reach for a towel that should be dry but isn’t. With the Coyuchi towel, I can shower once a day and never have to deal with icky dampness.

Far more than just a high-functioning bathroom accessory, this towel is the most beautiful one I’ve ever had the opportunity to display. I have it in blue with green stripe detailing (Lake and Sea Spray, to be exact), but it’s available in five elegant color combinations that can complement virtually any decor scheme. In fact, my super-stylish colleague Kendall uses the smaller Guest Towel in her kitchen, where the hand-knotted fringe looks chic against her colorful cookware and ceramics. “It’s excellent for polishing finished wood surfaces, glassware, and cutlery, and it has enough traction to keep wet dishes stable as they air dry on the countertop,” she shared. Turns out the tight weave that sucks so much water from my hair is also aces at absorbing stains and spills!

Supporting companies that respect the planet and its people is a priority for me, and that’s another reason I love Coyuchi. These towels are constructed from 100 percent organic cotton that’s GOTS certified, meaning they’re made using socially and ecologically responsible practices. They also sport the MADE SAFE® seal, so I know they are free from toxins known to harm humans, animals, and the environment.

If you’ve been chasing the elusive dream of a perfect hair care routine your whole life like I have, want a towel that’s uber-stylish and environmentally friendly, or even need a reliable go-to spill solution, I recommend giving Coyuchi’s Mediterranean Organic Bath Towel a try. If you don’t like it (which I highly doubt), Coyuchi gives you 30 days to return it for a full refund. What do you have to lose — other than sub-par towels? Bonus: You can get 20 percent off these towels during Coyuchi’s Earth Day sale (discount automatically applied).


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