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11 March 2022
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11 March 2022

I Tried Avocado’s Wooden Bath Mat and I Won’t Be Going Back

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Wooden bath mats have always intimidated me. Compared to the plush or towel-like bath mats I’m accustomed to, they just seemed impractical. I’d seen them in many a Japanese onsen, where their design history is deeply rooted, but still managed to convince myself that they posed the risk of catching and holding water within the grates, giving me a splinter, or just generally being uncomfortable to step on. The moral of all of this is that when I notice I’m having negative (and usually unfounded) preconceived notions about a certain product, it means I need to dive into testing it. Enter: Avocado’s Wooden Bath Mat.

Upon the very first use, I was surprised by how comfortable this mat is to step on straight out of the shower. The wood, especially when damp, has traction and prevents any slipping, both between the mat and the floor and the mat and me. After weeks of use, I haven’t had to do more than rinse the mat in the shower and leave it in a breezy area to dry. Unlike soft textile rugs and mats, this wooden model doesn’t hold on to moisture, attract bacteria, or become gross after a couple of uses. It saves me the added laundry and, because I have a housemate, it’s so much more hygienic to share.

One of the most unexpected things about this bath mat, though, is that it dries in a fraction of the time it takes for a plush bath math to dry. Its grated, beechwood panels allow moisture to escape and evaporate quickly. This means no mold, mildew, or very much upkeep at all. Avocado’s chic Wooden Bath Mat is low maintenance, surprisingly comfortable, and seriously attractive. I can’t recommend it enough.

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