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How to design your own poolside paradise


You can’t just swim and walk around the edge all day, of course. Poolsides need comfortable places to rest while basking in the sun or the enjoyment of others. Sun-loungers provide great all-round comfort, their lightweight manoeuvrability catching the best of the light or shade. Loungers like the Gio Chaise longue by B&B Italia even include their own matching side table to rest imperative accessories like books, sunglasses or cocktails.

If a single seat is too solitary, very good friends might prefer to share the experience in the confines of an outdoor loveseat such as the Tosca Daybed by Tribù, with plenty of space for multiple parties. Or, if the midday heat gets too much, poolside structures are relatively simple to erect and care for, ranging from simple gazebos to socially superior cabanas like the Kettal lounge pavilions, or full-on pool houses with running water and electricity.


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