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27 February 2022
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How to create your hygge home office with BoConcept


Maiolino points out the great benefits of working from home; like the possibilities it offers for a better work-life balance and the short, stress-free commute. In addition, you get the chance to completely customise an office which fits your individual style and needs. ‘I would suggest finding a solution that revolves around you, your inner style, your sense of comfort and quality; let the space render an appealing and welcoming feeling, the same one we always aspire to find each day coming back home after a long day outside. Design your home-office “sweet spot”, choose timeless pieces, pick finishes to match the rest of the furniture. If you’re in a separate room, even better!

‘Unleash your personal style from scratch, whether that fits with a bright Scandinavian setting consisting of white and light wood accents or more dramatic, masculine, dark oak and smokey tones. Think about which technical equipment you are going to need and seek out smart furniture that provides functionality and aesthetic benefits. Then, accessorise it with items that bring you joy and give even more character, a piece of art and beautiful, vibrant plants.’


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