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How to create the ultimate workspace with executive office furniture


Search for ‘executive office furniture’ online and you might find yourself staring at a sea of dark wooden desks, with some chrome thrown in for good measure. If cultivating that traditional CEO look is your thing, then this might be for you. However, with the softer furnishing trends set to continue into 2022, many are casting aside the conventional private office for something more welcoming and approachable.

Below we work through what to consider when putting together your executive office.


Lets start with the desk – a key piece of executive office furniture you will need, along with an office chair. With many of us spending over 8 hours a day at our desk, investing in something practical and comfortable is important.

Consider initially the space and layout of your office. What type of work do you do and what size desk can you accommodate? Choose something large enough that you won’t be cramped, but don’t oversize unnecessarily! If you would like to add more movement into your day then a standing desk could be a worthwhile choice.

Desks come in different shapes too, so awkward architecture doesn’t have to necessarily dictate. Additionally, an integrated work wall, storage or desk extension can give you a larger working space and double up as a meeting table.

Do you have a colour palette, or particular finish in mind? Neutral colours work well, standing the test of time and often hiding any imperfections. Alternatively you could make your desk the feature of your office, going for a bolder scheme. Wood options are not limited to the classic white, beech or maple, so don’t be afraid to think outside the box.

Executive office desk


Arguably the most essential piece of equipment and one worth a true investment. From promoting great posture to reducing aches and pains, as ergonomic purists, we can’t stress enough how much a supportive office chair can impact your wellbeing. Just like a superior mattress, a well designed chair is worth every penny (especially if it’s covered by a 5+ year warranty).

An executive office chair is no longer the padded leather recliner of offices past, but sleek, lightweight and really really good looking. Some of them are even sustainable too.

With a vast array to choose from you are guaranteed to find one that fits. Beautiful fabrics mean you can truly make it your own.

Executive office chair


In the digital age, we often don’t need the storage we used to. Nonetheless, you probably still need somewhere to put the essentials.

Practical storage still comes in the form of pedestals, cupboard and drawers and can easily be matched to any desk you choose. Specify a cushion on the top and they can double up as an extra seat too.

However, there are plenty of stylish (and fun) pieces out there to add structure and colour to your office. With a combination of closed and open storage, you could hide away the paperwork and use the rest to display something else. Whatever you choose to feature (books, records or plants) these will inject more of your personality into the space.

Executive storage

Optional extras

If you have the space, it might be nice to consider a some comfy seats and a coffee table too.

This could be somewhere to hold short meetings or one to ones with colleagues. You might even be tempted to step away from your desk to take a break yourself!

Chairs and coffee table


If you’d like some advice on re-designing your executive office, please send us a message or give us a call on 0330 332 0880 to see how we can help.



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