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12 April 2022
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Haiti: Discover AD and New Story’s Recently Completed Community


To determine which families would participate in the program, New Story held a voluntary lottery, followed by focus groups among future residents in Titanyen, to learn what people would need. Families requested outdoor cooking areas, since many use charcoal, and lightweight tin roofs, in case of another earthquake. Most of all, people wanted to feel safe. With an uptick of local gang violence in recent years, it was important for residents to be comfortable walking around their new neighborhood.

New Story also employed local artisans and materials to build the homes, creating jobs for community members and stimulating the Titanyen economy. Some workers have even moved into the homes they built. “As much as possible we use local labor, so that we are not bringing in outsiders,” Ng says. And by building groups of homes close together, New Story avoids disrupting the social fabric of communities.

For Farius, a new home represents a fresh start. Sitting outside his family’s old tent, he acknowledged that it was time to leave it behind. “This new house is a gift from God,” he noted. “This will be permanent. This will be my land. In my name. For my family. And that is freedom.”

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