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Gossamer and Studio Proba Release Hand-Tufted Rugs in Celebration of Touch Issue

In today’s digital age, just about any sound or sight can be conjured up at will. What’s far more precious, then, is touch—the tactile resists the exhaustive cataloging that we’ve grown used to having for audio and visuals. The newest issue of Gossamer, a four-year-old lifestyle publication for people who happen to smoke weed, seeks to explore this very sense. Alongside today’s release of a fabric-covered Touch issue, Gossamer is also launching a line of four hand tufted rugs designed by Studio Proba.

Each rug in the collection is made with organic dyes and 100% New Zealand wool. 

Many may recognize the work of Studio Proba designer Alex Proba, from her collaboration with Louis Vuitton or her playful large-scale sculptures that were on display at Art Basel 2021, and her work has appeared in countless Clever homes, but the rugs made in collaboration with Gossamer are more an extension of the artist’s work for her home goods brand Proba Home. Alex’s signature unusual shapes and loud, distinct colors are immediately recognizable no matter what medium is used, and with Proba Home, the artist has been representing her forms on a thoughtful selection of pillows, quilts, towels, bathmats, and rugs. The designs for the Gossamer rug collection are particularly dense, containing a wide range of shapes and textures that will undoubtedly be a pleasure to pet. Though the rugs are certainly for the maximalism lover, they avoid overpowering a space by balancing bold, deep colors with warmer tones.

“We’ve added a smoky, psychedelic wave pattern as a subtle nod to Gossamer’s perspective and took cues from their typography, which is never just linear,” Alex says of the designs.

Sean Davidson

According to Alex, the physical feeling of her work is “everything,” as she told Clever via email. “I think of each work of mine as almost something coming to life—taking on shape. Always starting in a 2D digital or analog way morphing in something physical.” The colors of each rug are inspired by the four unique fabric covers of the magazine and the inside of the issue itself. “Not only the covers but the inside of the magazine—the stories as well as their visual content [inspired me].”

The collaboration between Gossamer and Studio Proba was born when photographer Yana Sheptovetskaya serendipitously took a picture of a Proba pillow for a feature in the issue and the Gossamer team realized that Alex’s work was a natural fit for further collaboration. “We’ve always loved Alex’s use of color and shapes, and the unexpected dimensionality,” says Gossamer cofounder Verena von Pfetten. “Her work is beautiful but also playful and sometimes just a little bit weird, which are all things we try to infuse into what we do at Gossamer. Beautiful, playful, and sometimes just a little bit weird is also basically how I would describe the perfect high.”

The made-to-order rugs are available online from Gossamer and Proba in a variety of sizes and range from $445 to $3,425 in price. The teams will be donating 5% of the proceeds from the collaboration to Medicins Sans Frontiers Ukraine.

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