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Google Maps Has Created a “Selling Sunset” Itinerary


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“Selling Sunset” fans may know that season five dropped on Netflix this weekend, fueling our desires for more extravagant multi-million dollar homes and, let’s face it, ALL of the drama. And for fans living in or visiting the Los Angeles area, Google Maps has created a “Selling Sunset”-inspired itinerary so they can live out their favorite moments from the hit show. Not in L.A.? The map also allows you to virtually visit some of the show’s most jaw-dropping spots via street view.

Would it even be a “Selling Sunset” itinerary if you didn’t start your day off at The Oppenheim Group office? The clue’s in the name, but the iconic office is located on Sunset Boulevard.

If you’re looking to celebrate in style, head to Pour Vous, the location of Mary’s explosive bachelorette party, or indulge in a delicious brunch at Le Petit Four, a much-loved California-French restaurant that’s located right by The O Group’s office.

To make sure you’re visiting the “Selling Sunset” spots at the best time, the Google Maps team suggests making the most of some of its innovative features that will help you beat traffic and long lines.

“Area Busyness uses live busyness trends to help you spot when a neighborhood or part of town is near or at its busiest,” explains a Google Maps representative. “It can help you identify busy areas to avoid, or be the ultimate companion while traveling to find the more popular areas and lively neighborhoods in town.”


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