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31 March 2022
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Going underground: ten subterranean building projects | News | Architonic

‘But down here, underneath the ground, I’ve got <b>all</b> the space I want!’

The slightly unhinged ramblings of Willy Wonka in Roald Dahl’s ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’ may just be a way for Dahl to explain the never-ending sprawl of the eponymous factory, but by placing the majority of the novel’s surreal locations below the surface, he allows our childlike imaginations to soar. Although it requires a little extra digging and provides a little less natural light, with innovative engineering and lighting, this sustainable architectural technique provides, as Wonka tried to tell us almost 60 years ago, all the space we need. Here’s a selection of <a href="">recent architectural projects</a> to go under construction, under the surface, and the benefits they bring. The owners of <a href="">Two-Fold Yard</a> by <a href="…

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