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Get Inspired: His & Her Looks for Spring Wedding Guests


The classic black-tie wedding is more traditional. It’s an evening event that requires the men to wear tuxedos and women to be in elegant gowns. Some women do wear more conservative cocktail dresses. However, they’re typically in the minority. When you dress for a black-tie affair think sophistication, classic, and elegance.

A popular setting for a spring wedding is a vineyard or winery. The backdrop of an open field, vibrant flowers, and most importantly a great wine list sounds enticing when you receive an invitation. So what do you wear? We would recommend wearing light fabric. Something that won’t make you sweat. There is a good chance the wedding will be outside. After spending hours getting your hair and make up done, the last thing you want to do is sweat it all off.

The most controversial type of wedding is the destination wedding. Traveling for a wedding is never easy. So while you’re booking your flight, hotel room, and hair appointments. It’s also essential to think about what style of dress you will be bringing with you. We recommend choosing something lightweight. And make sure it has some color. Pro Tip: travel with a garment bag to protect your dress.

Your outfit isn’t complete without accessories that are perfect for a wedding. Below you will find a collection of accessories for both men and women. We included clutches, high heels, and loafers.

If you’re looking for more fashion inspo for spring check out the Chirpyest blog here.


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