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23 February 2022
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23 February 2022

Get Inspired: Gwyneth Paltrow Brings European Flair to Montecito


The common themes throughout her home are natural light and space. Almost every room has large windows that flood the room. Her walls and decor are muted tones which keeps the design grounded. Paltrow wanted the space to feel like a Parisian apartment combined with a European barn.

Her living room is full of contemporary art and furniture. The lighting installation is by Adelman, which is the first thing I noticed in the room. I love the Charles Zana sofa and the blush-colored lounge chairs by Jan Ekselius. Her artwork includes a D’lisa Creager wire sculpture and a painting by John Baldessari.

How often do you see a hammock inside a living room?

Paltrow’s home has a unique contemporary design. The collaborator between her and the design team has found a perfect balance of texture, color, and tranquility. The home has many artistic elements but still has her calm aura. It is a calming space to relax with friends and family. Or even build a lifestyle empire.  I pulled some items inspired by Paltrow’s home above.


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