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4 April 2022
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4 April 2022

Get Inspired: 5 Breakfast Nook Design Ideas

2. Modern New York Apartment

A custom-designed nook that perfectly fits a luxurious New York apartment. It features a marble-topped end table and marble patterned floors.  Finished with a Gluck pendant light by Naomi Paul.  This sophisticated dining space was designed by the interior design firm Grade New York.

3. Elegant City Banquette

If you’re looking for something minimalistic with a hint of glamour. Interior designer, Francis O’Haene, designed this stunning banquette. The blue dining table brightens up the space. O’Haene kept the decor minimal with floating shelves and black and white art. I love the crystal chandelier for a touch of elegance.

4. Cozy Charleston Nook

Interior designer Cameron Schwabenton created a charming dining nook in their guesthouse. They used the original brick and plaster, but added a modern twist with the furnishings.

5. Glamorous Floridian Banquette

This kitchen project needed a makeover. Designer, Fitz Pullins, knocked down the wall that separated the kitchen and dining area to create a bright breakfast nook. Pullins played around with different colors and textures making it a glamorous place to eat your breakfast every morning.

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I spent this weekend at the Descanso Gardens. It’s located in Southern California. The flowers are in full bloom. I can’t wait to share the photos with all of you.

Anyhoo…..I hope you all enjoyed this round-up of breakfast nooks. I always enjoy designs that feature nooks and banquettes. It’s one of my favorites design techniques.

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