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23 February 2022
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23 February 2022

Gaming Companies Are Levelling-Up Their Workplaces


Making remote working into a success and experiencing a rapid growth period may not seem to be difficult challenges to overcome but it does raise one big issue for the sector. Remote work has become so successful that studios now need to navigate the huge rise in demand for flexibility from their employees.
Findings from a study conducted by leading European games industry recruitment agency Amiqus shows that flexible working is no longer an optional extra and more of an expectation. 41 per cent said that they would not consider a job in the future if remote working wasn’t an option.

While this is not a challenge faced solely by the gaming industry, studios are now looking for ways to reinvigorate their workplaces to draw people back to the office and bring people back together. Despite the benefits of accessing a wider talent pool and retaining productivity levels, reports have shown the negative impact remote working had had on career progression, innovation and collaboration. While flexible working and hybrid working are expected to help retain some level of flexibility, having a well-designed workplace to work from will help navigate new working trends.

The growth in the sector has seen the battle for talent become even more competitive and the demand for office space has increased to the point that companies are exploring new areas and locations to find property that suits their needs. With so much accelerated change and growth in the sector, these are some of the key design considerations that are starting to reshape gaming workplaces and studios.


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