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Recently in my inbox: Keeps, a Seattle-based brand creating furniture that’s the opposite of throwaway. The company is helmed by co-founder and lead designer Andrew Cheng, who, after graduating from California College of the Arts in 2014, was dismayed to find that his own big-box furnishings barely held together as he moved from apartment to apartment and city to city, then broke down entirely—a story that’s all too familiar to modern movers.

Cheng’s Keeps designs are made with flexibility and longevity in mind and a mission to avoid the landfill at all costs. The furniture is made from sustainably sourced wood and can be easily assembled and disassembled, over and over again, no tools needed. Because each piece is designed to come apart, time-worn pieces can more easily be repaired or replaced by the company if needed. And Keeps plans to launch a buy-back, repair, and resell program in 2023 for anyone who needs to part with their furnishings—just another way to avoid the trash.

Keeps just launched their debut collection last week; take a look at the Keeps Bed and Nightstand (and keep an eye out for more).

Photography courtesy of Keeps.

the keeps bed is made from north american white oak,
Above The Keeps Bed is made from North American white oak an FSC certified high grade hardwood commonly used in boatbuilding according to the company The bed comes in Natural with beige straps shown or Smoked with black straps its $1095 for the queen size<span id=ezoic pub ad placeholder 868 class=ezoic adpicker ad style=displayblockimportantfloatnoneline height0margin bottom15pximportantmargin left0importantmargin right0importantmargin top15pximportantmax width100importantmin height90pxmin width728pxpadding top15pximportanttext aligncenterimportant>
the bed is easily assembled and disassembled—zero tools needed. 10
Above The bed is easily assembled and disassembledzero tools needed<span id=ezoic pub ad placeholder 872 class=ezoic adpicker ad>
Above L: When disassembled, the bed is easy to move from room to room or apartment to apartment. Above R: Sturdy tension straps keep everything secure.

N.B.: A limited supply of the Keeps Platform Bed, an earlier iteration of the design, is available on the website and on sale ($750 for the queen size).

the keeps nightstand—coming soon—can be assembled in a variety of 13
Above The Keeps Nightstandcoming sooncan be assembled in a variety of ways also without the use of tools
the nightstand in smoke. 14
Above The nightstand in Smoke

According to the company, Keeps furniture can last a lifetime (the bed comes with a 10-year warranty). And for every bed sold, Keeps funds the planting of 100 trees via Eden Reforestation Projects.

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