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Freestanding Screen and Drawer Unit Design Ideas


You can create the desired privacy at your workplace for your staff with a freestanding screen. These freestanding screens come in different heights and have the perfect finish to beautify the room and satisfy you. In addition, you can get tall frosted screens or mobile whiteboards to create more privacy and increase productivity.

Drawer Units, on the other hand, help with storage issues, whether at the office or home. Some are freestanding, functioning as table legs, or can be helpful as an attachment beneath a work surface. In some cases, they have wheels for easy movement.

This article will analyze freestanding screen and drawer units to help you understand the two better. Reading further will help you quickly decide on the perfect one to select!

Functions of a Freestanding Screen

Freestanding Screen and Drawer Unit Design Ideas

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  • For creating neat partitions at a workplace
  • To organize workspaces
  • For reducing noise from different areas in the workplace
  • To give offices a well-defined look

Features of a Freestanding Screen

Freestanding screens are available in different shapes and sizes with frosted glass, in-clear glass, or a half-glazed section. They also come in different heights and widths with done-shaped or T-shaped feet to ensure the screen stays where and how one desires. More of its features include:

The internal screen material contains a Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) which rates about 0.30, and the panels can absorb sound up to 30%

The castors and base frame have a standard color of black

Freestanding screens have a mobile of 3 heights

They are available in different fabrics such as leathers and vinyl

It has mobile units. Its castors can be locked and have standard hard tires. However, they are primarily available on request.

The materials used in making freestanding screens consist of:

  • CMHR foams
  • Mild steel frame
  • Birch ply panels
  • Plastic castors/glides

Functions of a Drawer Unit

Freestanding Screen and Drawer Unit Design Ideas

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  • For safely storing office items such as documents, office supplies, and more in the workplace, creating more office space
  • To store items in the kitchen or bedroom at home
  • To add a beautiful finish to your house or office

Features of a Drawer Unit

Drawer units are available in different shapes and sizes. However, there are two basic drawer units: the Wheeled storage units and the Worksphere Storage Unit.

The Wheeled Storage Units

Freestanding Screen and Drawer Unit Design Ideas

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They store personal documents or office supplies in offices, at team workspaces – big or small. They come in different shapes and sizes. The mobile storage units can be adjusted, ensuring they align with other furniture. In addition, the storage units have a robust design.

The Worksphere Storage Unit

This storage unit has a chamfered edge detail at the front and back. Its beauty makes the units efficiently serve as space dividers by placing them at the center of a room. Set the storage box on your unit to give you the extra privacy you require and ensure your working environment has biophilia.

The Takeaway

Your workspace or home needs a beautiful finish with either the freestanding screen or the drawer units. Interestingly, you can order for both as they serve different functions.


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