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Freestanding Room Dividers: 10 Best Budget-Friendly Office



Irrespective of the total area of office space, today people want to utilise the area more effectively. Especially when it comes to offices, no matter how spacious the given area is, having a certain number of cubicles to accommodate employees is necessary. 

Also, one of the most important aspects is that people now expect to have flexible Modern Office Partitions. So that when the need arises to accommodate a few more rooms, it has the flexibility to increase the number of cubicles. 
Freestanding room dividers are a prevalent concept nowadays. They are both aesthetic and practical for usage. Let’s learn more about different kinds of freestanding dividers that you can use in office settings.

What are the different kinds of freestanding dividers?

Panel Wood Frame Divider

It is a four-panel room divider well suited for contemporary, modern, and modular settings. The panel divider is relatively light weighted and is movable without much assistance. It has a mosaic board design framed in solid pine wood. 

Handwoven Bamboo Room Divider

It is a beautiful intricate bamboo hand-woven divider. The overall design looks like diamond patterns setting off a neutral pop style. It is a foldable screen that can be added to large spaces. Also, it consists of two-way hinges dividing it into five panels. Therefore, it is easy to fold it in both directions.

Tiered Cecilia Screen

The tiered Cecilia screen consists of three panels. You can avail them in various colours, designs, patterns, or even fabrics. It is an elegant room divider that is effective in separating small spaces.

White Breault Panel Folding Room Divider

This white Breault panel divider consists of four panels. It is wooden and is available in both white and natural shades. The panel consists of a total of nine shelves. In addition, the divider has the potential to carry 22 pounds.

Walnut Lapierre Single Panel Divider

The walnut Lapierre divider is an extraordinary floor to the ceiling panel. It consists of a pair of tension rods. It is most effective for smaller spaces to provide privacy.

Panels Room Divider

It is a shoji-style door that is conventional in Japan. They come in various colours, shapes, and sizes. Several units of this panel divider can be used together to form a long division. 

Aanya Hanging Room Divider

It is a hanging divider that is flexible and convenient, even in office settings. We make curtains of polyester. This hanging divider is of great use even in smaller spaces if you need flexibility and privacy.  

Indoor Portable Room Divider

The indoor portable divider is versatile and lightweight. It provides an aesthetic vibe with water resistance. If you need to block sunlight from entering any space, then an indoor portable divider is what you need.  

Parisian Street Room Divider

It is a well-built, sturdy, and robust divider that comes in three panels. It has a portable screen that is great for privacy and, at the same time, is very aesthetically pleasing. 

Six-Panel Room Divider

The six-panel divider offers a traditional look to any space. The panels are attached with two hinges, making it easy to fold them at various angles. Since it is a movable divider, you can fold it and store it for later use when out of service. 

To Wrap Up

This blog discussed several freestanding room dividers. However, today with the ever-changing demands of corporate settings, flexibility is essential. To get a freestanding wall divider, contact Office Work Design. The company provides customised dividers as per your requirements!


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