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Free DIY Decor Idea: Hang Branch Above Dining Table


There are a seemingly infinite number of retailers, both online and in-store, offering beautiful things to buy for your home. Sometimes, though, you find the best stuff in the most unexpected places. You may even luck out and find the perfect piece right in your own backyard.

Michele Bipath and her husband, Anthony, live in an 800-square-foot apartment in Brooklyn that’s decorated with tons of earthy, organic touches. “Our styles have changed a lot since we moved in, and it’s hard for me to pin what it exactly is,” Bipath says in her house tour. “Anthony loves mid-century modern pieces, and I love boho decor and pops of color.” So their apartment is really a compilation of them as a couple and all the things they love.

Officially, Bipath considers the style of their home to be “boho chic with a modern twist” and it makes perfect sense. All the plants around the living room and the wooden honeycomb shelves (also sporting plants) give clear bohemian vibes. The coolest and most unique addition to this couple’s home, though, is actually a tree branch hanging above their dining table.

“I saw it laying in the middle of the road after a stormy day and carried it back home, where I presented it to a skeptical Anthony,” Bipath says. Together, they trimmed it down, stained it, and hung it over the table with fish wire and Command hooks. They even decorate it based on the season or holiday. “We use paper bag stars for Christmas, dried florals for spring, lanterns for Lunar New Year, etc.,” Bipath says.

This piece was literally free and adds so much character to their dining space. If you can’t afford a large light fixture or don’t have the wiring for one, this is a budget-friendly and renter-friendly option. In addition to completing the earthy, organic, boho vibe of their place, the branch immediately draws your eye up and doubles as an extra space to decorate as the seasons change. If you’ve been looking for some inspiration, you might want to step out into your backyard and see what you can find.

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