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1 August 2022
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6 August 2022

Four micro-hotels with big experiences


Having grown up with the space- and time-saving benefits technology allows, younger generations have little use for the space of an average hotel room. What is important to them, however, is style, environmental awareness and a location where the action is – be that sun, sand or nightlife. And those are the focal points of the WOM Allenby Hotel in Tel-Aviv.

‘We founded WOM with the belief that we could change the way the travel world uses space,’ says Gerstner Architects, who believe designer shouldn’t mean expensive. By splitting the interior of each room, one single bed is placed above another to share the vertical space, but the two remain accessible only from neighbouring rooms. The result is twin rooms using no more space than their single counterparts. ‘WOM provides comfort and a sense of style, designed for the modern traveller’s essential needs,’ says Gerstner, fitting a small desk, sink and storage into each room, along with TV screens and sound systems made possible with impressive cellulose insulation in between rooms.


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