Issue 159
21 May 2022
Inside Nate Berkus and Jeremiah Brent’s Bicoastal Real Estate Portfolio | Architectural Digest
23 May 2022

flooring finesse with the personal touch


In case you missed the memo: customisation of furniture and furnishings is one of the most significant developments in the interiors industry today. I don’t exaggerate when I say that every conversation I engage in with design brands includes a discussion around the notion of customisation – so much so that my internal thesaurus is replete with synonyms for the word, since this usually leads to me writing it a lot.

Customisation is often billed as the ultimate modern luxury, but is it for everyone? I mean, I’m all for expressing individuality in our interiors, but I’m also reminded of the paralysis I feel when confronted by a takeaway menu, stateside. When palate-pleasing involves seemingly limitless choice, which way to go? With a lack of professional culinary skills, the chance of making a wrong turn grows. This doesn’t matter so much when it’s compiling an acceptable sandwich filling but when it’s the bones of a building or the decoration within, the choice needs to endure; it needs to be right.


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