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Fixing the gender imbalance of design | News | Architonic


From product sizes (phones and smartwatches), architecture (public toilets) and A.I. (voice recognition), to ill-fitting PPE and stab vests and even crash test dummies based on the average male, it’s clear this is a world not just designed for men, but dangerous for women by design. <a href=""target="_blank" rel=“nofollow">Matter of Course</a> is a Berlin-based collective that champions the work of 11 independent female designers who create innovative, empathetic products. These holistic collections from original female voices take creative risks with bold adventures in materiality and sculptural form, while helping to create a more comfortable, functional world, suitable for all genders. Everyone is different, so why would we need the same things? <b>Nicolene van der Walt</b> When press coverage highlights independent startup businesswomen, it often refers to ‘mumtrepreneur’ stereotypes: Etsy-selling crafts, gift baskets of homemade soap, or sickeningl…


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