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23 February 2022
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23 February 2022

Five rules of great Scandinavian design


When the sun only rises for a handful of hours each day, hibernating Scandinavians do what they can to drag the thriving natural world in with them. Along with using locally-sourced natural materials, interiors typically combine them with natural colours, patterns and physical foliage too.

Exotic flora-inspired wall coverings and fabrics such as those from UK brand House of Hackney, for example, make vibrant and decorative features, but can be a little too hectic for Scandinavian simplicity. Alternatively, the Swedish brand Engblad & Co recreates fallen leaves with three-dimensional-effect wallpaper, but perhaps its monochromatic complexion fails to capture the full beauty of nature. Peter’s House in Copenhagen, Denmark, however, has the answer. In filling its glass atrium with selected grasses, plants and a multi-storey tree, the project brings a diorama of green into every room.


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