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19 April 2022
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19 April 2022

Five reasons the modern office pod works for you


Although fully aware of the benefits of light, open spaces in workplace design, when I designed my own office pod’s interior last year, I threw popular opinion out of the non-existent window. Creating a personal workspace means really knowing oneself, what makes you comfortable and perform at your best, and the dark, enclosed, cave-like environment is what works for me.

Faced with the challenge of teasing people back into the office, workplace designers must create homely, personal environments, customisable to suit employees’ individual preferences. Social, open office architecture can be retained for those who prefer it, but for those like me, with a hankering for the tranquillity of solitary confinement, single-person office pods give them what they want, while keeping them nearby. While in larger pods, small teams meeting and collaborating in enclosed spaces share higher productivity.


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