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Finding the Best Air Purifier for Clean Breathing


My space: Currently, I live in a house with two cats and a wood stove, so there is often some kind of fur, dander, and smoke in the air. I’ve also found that my gas stove puts out a decent amount of VOCs every time I cook, which isn’t great. Essentially, I find my allergies constantly shifting so I’m always trying to pay attention to the air in my house.

Area coverage: I use this air purifier in my bedroom (roughly 130 square feet), since it’s best for small spaces (up to 161 square feet).

Filter replacements: The filter replacements are only $20—you can even buy a replacement pre-filter (the sleeve on the outside) for only $8—and it is incredibly easy to replace. I didn’t even need to look at the instructions, so I’d say it is very intuitive.

My experience: I really like this purifier because of how quiet it is and how there are minimal bright lights to bug me at night (I really need a totally dark room). It’s also a very unobtrusive object—it tucks into a corner quite easily and has various outer sleeve color options if you do want it to pop in a room. While it doesn’t have a ton of extra features or buttons, I enjoy how simple and efficient it is—when you want a great little air purifier for your room, this is the way to go. It’s also easy to clean—I’ve used a vacuum on it and I’ve hand washed the pre-filter/cover.

According to Blueair’s website, the purifier is ENERGY STAR rated to use less energy than the average LED lightbulb, so you can keep it running all day without using too much energy. It also has a three-part filtration system, so the fabric pre-filter catches large particles like pet hair and dust and then the combination particle and carbon filter uses a layer of activated carbon to filter light household odors from pets, cooking, and smoking, while the main particle filter removes airborne particles like pollen, dust, and pet dander.

The bottom line: At $120, I think this air purifier is worth the price. It’s an ideal option for a smaller space or single room, and with its ultra quiet operation, it is a great pick for a bedroom.

Tester: Elise Portale, senior social media manager

My space: I live in a prewar apartment that is absolutely loaded with dust, not to mention that I have a cat (and light cat allergies), so my air quality is suspect for sure. My apartment is also a studio, which means that any weird smells, whether they’re from the kitchen or litter box, are inescapable if not dealt with immediately.

Area coverage: The My Happi purifier can cycle air in spaces up to 500 square feet, which is perfect since my studio is less than 400. While the appeal of bedside purification was tempting, I opted to place My Happi in the kitchen, where garbage smells, cat food odor, and other symptoms of my pandemic lockdown depression reigned supreme.


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