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28 April 2022
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28 April 2022

Feeling good: Lincrusta has customisation covered


Lincrusta began its life on the walls of stately buildings around the world, and in more recent times has found its niche in hospitality venues, where sculptural Georgian panelling and embossed patterns bring a sense of history and grandeur to venues. But the appeal has started to broaden with the new yearning for both pattern and tactility wherever we seek to shelter.

Reports from the latest design shows seem to bolster the new trend for texture – a trend that like so many recent interior evolutions may have been happening anyway, but has been expedited by the sensorial deprivations and increased demand for comfort and cosseting during lockdowns. ‘It is very evident that after two years of not being allowed to touch anything, the world is after tactility and warmth,’ says Amy Heffernan, Creative Consultant at StudioHeff. ‘In Paris, texture was everywhere – walls and surfaces were decorated with patterned relief, shaggy textiles and grasscloths. There were 3D tiles and jumbo cord and bouclé upholstery – even needlepoint.’


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